Audit Services

Why carry out an audit?

The aim of the solutions we offer is to fully integrate compressed air or vacuum equipment on a production site, optimise performance and manage key aspects of the system with clear visual software.  Typically the performance improvements our solutions achieve will payback their initial investment in less than 2 years.  

Often, to support both technical and commercial decision making a compressed air audit is carried out.

The Audit Service we offer

Using SCADAR, our advanced data logging and hosted software that enables compressed air systems to be quickly and easily audited, we're able to provide both a preliminary site assessment on potential benefits and where required, carry out a comprehensive compressed air audit.

To learn more about the equipment and software we use, visit our SCADAR product site using the Product sites menu

The benefits of the Service we offer

In today’s increasingly competitive manufacturing arena, it's essential for compressed air auditing to be accurate and extremely reliable if operating efficiencies are to be understood and maximised.  As an independent service company our comprehensive compressed air audits aim to deliver unbiased findings and recommendations.

How much does an audit cost?

We will carry out a preliminary site assessment free of charge.  The aim of this assessment is to establish the potential that exists and to assist in next step decision making.  Assuming its beneficial to do so and having carried out a a prelimiary site assessment we'll be able to confirm the cost of carrying out a comprehensive compressed air audit.

Why do you charge for carrying out an audit?

Our aim is to deliver an unbiased and independent report that does not encourage unecessary decision making.

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