About EnergAir

EnergAir is the systems design and installation division of CMC NV, the world's leading compressed air
and vacuum pump controls company.  Founded in 1999 EnergAir employs a team of dedicated, forward thinking, highly motivated engineers and technical specialists that deliver quality solutions alongside a service that is simply unsurpassed.

EnergAir specialise in the design, installation and final commissioning of control and management systems for compressed air generation and vacuum installations including...

  • Compressor and Vacuum equipment control
  • Conversion of fixed speed compressors or vacuum pumps to variable speed drive
  • Automation of ancillary system equipment (drying, filtration, cooling, ventilation etc)
  • Device monitoring (flow, pressure, temperature, dew point, vibration etc)
  • Equipment and device condition monitoring and logging
  • Browser accessible visualisation dashboard
  • System key performance reporting
  • Event and alarm routing via email and SMS
  • Field bus integration with MODBUS, Profibus, DeviceNet etc
  • Support for integration with factory BMS

Our solutions combine Metacentre hardware and software components manufactured by CMC NV, other strategically sourced components such as variable speed drives and our application know-how to deliver turnkey solutions which can cut a compressed air or vacumm users energy consumption and cost by 30%.

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